Choosing Hardwood Flooring in Milwaukee, WI to Fit Your Lifestyle

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Many customers choose hardwood flooring in Milwaukee, WI for its beauty, low maintenance and ability to control allergens in homes. At SNR First Rate Floors, we frequently have visitors and potential customers waffling on the idea of hardwood floors at first, only to become believers once installation is complete. If you are interested in hardwood floors and want more information to help your decision, here is what you need to know about them.

Hardwood basics

The material for hardwood floors comes from deciduous trees. These species have leaves which change color every fall before they go dormant in winter. Fruit- and nut-bearing trees are also hardwoods.

Oak and maple trees produce the most popular hardwoods for floors. Other varieties people enjoy include poplar, ash and cherry. Advanced wood treatments add to the durability of these woods, which makes hardwoods appropriate in many high-traffic areas like hospitals, museums and sports arenas. Since hardwoods offer a softer look than harsh linoleum, they are becoming more popular in these facilities.

This makes hardwoods an ideal choice for your home, too. If you are doubting their ability to stand up to pets, weekend cocktail parties and rough-housing kids, remember that NBA basketball courts take a beating in each game and still shine. Hardwoods can stand up to heavy use, and the finishing techniques make them a viable candidate for your busy home.

Factors in considering hardwood flooring

When you are choosing a wood type, start with the natural ability in a wood. The hardness factor is determined by the Janka Rating System, which measures the force required to drive a .444 steel ball halfway into the wood. Higher numbers indicate more durability. For example, red oak is the industry benchmark, with a Janka rating of 1290. Hickory and pecan are among the hardest woods, with a rating of 1820. Hard maple, the choice of basketball courts, rates at 1450. If you want a beautiful choice for a low-traffic formal dining room, cherry works well, with its Janka rating of 650.

This is just basic information. Sometimes, floors require flexibility rather than hard strength. Dance floors are made of hardwoods, but also contain bounce. For this application, you need flexibility as well as durability.

Another system rates the quality of the wood. The National Hardwood Lumber Association produced a grading system that indicates the amount of usable material in a board. There are eight levels. The first and second indicate near-perfect examples with no defects. However, if you see lumber graded at No. 3B Common, it’s useful to know that is the lowest setting.

When you decide on wood floors, your contractor will make recommendations based on foot traffic and room use. Subfloor type also determines the material appropriate for your room. Considerations will go beyond color and texture—however, with many options available, you are very likely to find a floor type that matches both your aesthetic demands and the durability you require. Be prepared to discuss your lifestyle, pets, children and the time you have available for maintaining the floors.

If you are ready to take the plunge with hardwood flooring in Milwaukee, WI, contact SNR First Rate Floors today.

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