Why You Need Wood Floor Repair in Milwaukee, WI

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Even when you choose the best floors for your lifestyle, there are times you still need repair services. It is usually a rare event, like dropping something heavy on a wood floor, that requires them to need the professional touch of SNR First Rate Floors. Here are six conditions requiring wood floor repair in Milwaukee, WI:

  • Stains: It is often not a matter of “if” your floors experience a stain, but “when.” Pets, spilled drinks, floods and other misadventures can penetrate the finish if they are not cleaned up or noticed quickly. Sometimes, you can sand the spot and re-stain it, but if the element reached into the wood fibers, you may have to replace that section of the floor. There are methods of removing stains without arranging for another full installation, so call your floor contractor.
  • Everyday wear and tear: All wood floors wear out eventually, but it should take a long time. If they are in rough shape after only a couple of years, that indicates a problem during the sanding or finishing processes. Poor maintenance can also reduce the longevity of wood floors. If the finish did not fully penetrate the wood fibers, that will wear out the floor quicker, as will letting dirt accumulate, failing to trim your pets’ claws, and moving furniture with unpadded feet across the floor. Damage is often reversed with a re-coat of finish, but for deep scratches, arrange for a professional re-finishing.
  • Cracks and breaks: Fractures develop if installation was poor or the use in the room is heavier than anticipated. Sometimes, breaches in the wood grain cause cracks, and this is not always preventable. Defects are not always visible to the naked eye. A crack-filling kit can solve these issues, but deep or long cracks require replacement of the defective floorboard.
  • Buckling: Dampness causes floors to expand and contract. This is often due to other issues with the home that may not have been detected during floor installation. If you are facing this issue, you will also notice door and window frames are tighter and trim pops off your walls. Floors right above basements can face this issue, since basements attract dampness. This is especially true if you recently had a flood in that area. Repair normally involves switching out fasteners or replacing the affected floor sections.
  • Cupping: This is another condition that arises with floors installed over basements or near crawlspaces. Cupping is the development of indentations on your floor, and like buckling, it is due to moisture accumulation. Sometimes, fixing the cause of the humidity rise fixes the problem. However, if you wait too long, these dents become permanent and then require professional floor repair.
  • Floorboard irregularities: Precise sanding during refinishing prevents this problem. When floors are over-sanded, it produces wood distortions that later manifest as irregularities in texture and durability. Mistakes become more noticeable. You can fix this by finding a skilled contractor to retreat the area.

If you require wood floor repair in Milwaukee, WI, contact SNR First Rate Floors today. We look forward to helping you keep your wood floors beautiful.

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