Three Types of Hardwood Flooring in Milwaukee, WI to Consider Adding to Your Home

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When thinking about having hardwood flooring in Milwaukee, WI installed at your home, there are three main types of flooring to consider. They all offer their own advantages and will significantly enhance your living space. Deciding on what type of flooring is right for you depends on the function, look, design and budget you have in mind for the project.

Solid wood

One of the most popular types of hardwood flooring in Milwaukee, WI is solid wood flooring. This comes either finished or unfinished. Finished solid wood flooring has been sanded and already has the stain color you have selected on it. It just needs to be cut to length and installed in your home.

With unfinished solid wood flooring, the sanding will need to be completed, as well as the staining. This is typically done after installation in a few steps. The downtime will be longer with unfinished solid wood flooring but you will have a very even coloring to your new hardwood flooring in Milwaukee, WI.

You can decide to have solid wood flooring installed in strips, planks or as a parquet design. Strip flooring has a predetermined width but varies by its thickness. Plank flooring allows for varying widths up to 8 in, and has a set thickness of ½ to ¾ in. When you select parquet flooring for your hardwood floors, you will have a detailed design that uses wood slats to create interest. Any of these solid wood flooring options will provide elegant end results to your home.

Engineered and acrylic-impregnated hardwood flooring

Another option for your hardwood flooring in Milwaukee, WI is to go with engineered wood flooring. This is made up of real wood that has many layers of laminate adhered to it. This creates a durable flooring surface that looks as good as a solid wood flooring, but can withstand more impact. This might be a good choice if you have kids or pets.

Meanwhile, with acrylic-impregnated hardwood flooring, you will be getting a surface that is extremely resistant to damage. It has a very hard surface that incorporates coloring through the thickness of the wood. You will most often see acrylic-impregnated hardwood flooring in Milwaukee, WI in commercial buildings that have a lot of traffic or high wear areas, as the color will show through the wood even if it has been scratched.

Deciding on the type of hardwood flooring in Milwaukee, WI to install in your home will depend on the use of the room as well as the amount of impact it will have to withstand on a daily basis. Choose the wood type that will work best for you and your family, and you will have a look that stands the test of time with your new hardwood floor installation.

Call SNR First Rate Floors to determine the hardwood flooring type that is right for your needs. We have nearly a decade of experience installing hardwood floors and will help you select the type that will work best for your home or business.

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