What to Expect from Hardwood Floor Installation in Milwaukee, WI

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Hardwood floors are a great way to enhance the interior of your home. They add warmth to any room and are quite functional in their design. When you are thinking of having hardwood floor installation in Milwaukee, WI completed at your home, it is a good idea to know what to expect from the project, so will be well prepared. Not only will the job be done in no time at all, but it will provide you with enjoyment for many years to come.

Before installation occurs

The first step in having hardwood floor installation in Milwaukee, WI is to have an estimate completed. A flooring contractor will visit your home to inspect the floor, take area measurements and get an idea of what you expect from your hardwood floor design. You will be able to choose from a variety of wood and flooring types to have installed and add character to your home.

Prior to hardwood floor installation in Milwaukee, WI, the materials for the project will be delivered to your home. This allows the wood time to get acclimated to your home environment. Different dryness and moisture content in a home can cause wood to expand or contract, and you want to be sure this occurs prior to installation.

Once the actual work of installing the hardwood floors begins, the room where the installation is taking place will have to be off limits to you and your family. You will not be able to walk on the hardwood that is being installed, as this could disrupt the process. Plan a time to have your hardwood floor installation when you know you and your family will be able to accommodate the project and allow the room where the installation is occurring to go unused.

You will also need to remove all furniture from the space to prepare it for the flooring contractors. This may cause a small inconvenience, but the end result will be worth your efforts.

During the installation process

When the work of placing your hardwood floor begins, a flooring contractor will set up outside and begin cutting the wood to the size that fits your room. There may be some dust that accumulates inside your home from the cutting, but it will be minimal.

An adhesive will be used to adhere the hardwood flooring to the subflooring, and it will need to dry for a short amount of time. Your flooring contractor will let you know when it is safe to begin walking and placing furniture on the hardwood floors. When this time comes, your hardwood floor installation Milwaukee, WI is complete, and you can begin enjoying your new hardwood floors and the new look they bring to your home.

The process of hardwood floor installation in Milwaukee, WI is relatively simple and will create minimal disruption to your everyday life. To have new hardwood floors installed at your home, contact SNR First Rate Floors. We offer both natural and laminate hardwood floor installation. Let SNR First Rate Floors transform your home with new hardwood floors!

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