Why Choose Dust-Free Hardwood Refinishing in Milwaukee, WI?

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Choosing to have your hardwood floors refinished can be an invasive process, even if you’re just having a single room redone. Everything needs to be moved out of that space before any work can begin, which often means moving furniture and other heavy objects.

But that’s just the start! If the company you’re choosing for hardwood refinishing in Milwaukee, WI doesn’t use a dust-free approach, you could find yourself dealing with even more headaches, even after work is complete.

What is a dust-free approach?

Refinishing your hardwood floors essentially means sanding and re-staining them. Sanding floors produces a huge amount of dust—especially in larger rooms. Even worse, in smaller rooms with fewer windows or poor ventilation, there’s no place for dust to go once it’s kicked up into the air.

Dust-free hardwood refinishing in Milwaukee, WI involves using a powerful vacuum in conjunction with traditional floor sanding equipment. Instead of being kicked into the air, dust is immediately sucked up and ejected into a debris bag. This keeps mess to a minimum, expediting work and reducing cleanup time between refinishing stages.

Why choose dust-free?

The chief benefit of a dust-free approach to hardwood refinishing is easy to appreciate: your home won’t be subjected to an annoying layer of dust settling! Beyond this, however, there are some additional great benefits to consider:

  • If you have small children or pets in your home, you won’t be subjecting them to breathing in small airborne particles.
  • In areas with little to no ventilation, you’ll prevent dust from becoming clumped and compacted in hard-to-clean areas.
  • Reducing the cleanup between refinishing stages often results in a quicker completion time, which may save you money!
  • No dust means the work area is confined and not spread to the rest of your home.
  • Dust-less sanding allows professionals to get a more accurate gauge of their sanding as it’s happening, allowing for better precision on floor resurfacing jobs.

The benefits are numerous and all work in favor of you, the homeowner, no matter the size or scope of the job at hand. Even on multi-room projects, dust-less sanding is a great way to keep mess to a minimum and precision at its peak.

Ask about dust-less sanding

When you’re gathering quotes from contractors in regards to your floor resurfacing or refinishing project, be sure to ask if they offer dust-less sanding and, if so, if there is an additional premium. Some companies will charge for this approach, while others will guarantee it for projects above a certain size. It all depends on the contractor and their capabilities.

At SNR First Rate Floors, we always try to employ a dust-free approach to your hardwood projects, to afford our customers all of the benefits listed above. We leverage powerful vacuum equipment to virtually eliminate dust in the work environment, leaving your home cleaner and your floors finished quicker. Get in touch with us today by calling 414-940-0528 to learn more about our dust-free approach or to get a quote on hardwood refinishing in Milwaukee, WI.

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