Important Things to Discuss With Your Potential Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Milwaukee WI

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Hardwood flooring looks great in any home because it fits in easily with pretty much any home decor. But before you get to enjoy the benefits of having beautiful, elegant looking floors in your home, you have to find the perfect contractor to complete the job. There are many contractors available, but finding the right one involves a lot more than asking about available floor options and how much they cost to install.

Here are a few important things to discuss with your potential hardwood flooring contractor in Milwaukee, WI:

  • Schedule: Before you hire a hardwood flooring contractor, one thing you should discuss is the schedule for the project. When will the job start and end, what happens if there is a delay and what are your needs in terms of dates? If you need the job completed by a certain date, this is something you will want to mention, as some companies may not be able to accommodate your project due to the timing of other projects they’ve already scheduled.
  • Communication: It is important that you and your contractor be able to reach each other in case either party has questions or concerns, or if there is an emergency. With phones, email and even social media available as potential avenues of communication, there should be no reason for you and your contractor to have difficulties contacting each other. It would be wise to inquire about the best method of contact, and ensure they know what your preferred method of contact is, as well.
  • Progress and updates: It is normal for people to want to be updated on how much progress has been made when getting new flooring installed. You could wait until the job is finished, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to know for sure that things are moving along smoothly and that there have been no problems. Your contractor should be able to provide an update when you inquire about the progress, or update you on their own without you asking.
  • Protection: During the installation process, it is important that no damage will be done to your home. A lot of contractors are aware of the potential damage that can be done while they are working, and have a variety of ways they will protect your belongings. You will likely have to move furniture and appliances, but there will also need to be measures taken by your contractor to keep you, your home and your belongings safe from dust, nails and anything else found in the construction zone.

When it comes to many home improvement jobs, you can’t always do it yourself and you can’t trust just anyone. Cost and the type of hardwood are important, but there is a lot more to be considered when choosing a contractor. Inquiring about these things can help save you time and money, and will ultimately make a huge difference in how pleased you are with the final results.

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