Deciding Between Hardwood Refinishing in Milwaukee, WI and Floor Replacement

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Hardwood floors are a beautiful feature that can bring a degree of style, functionality and elegance to almost any room in your home. They offer a truly beautiful aesthetic and can even increase your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers. When your hardwood floors are worn out, it might be a challenge to determine the correct next step. You might be under the impression that replacing your floor completely is your only viable option, but hardwood refinishing in Milwaukee, WI could offer a better alternative. There are many reasons why homeowners choose to have their floors refinished rather than replaced in order to get them back into beautiful condition:

  • Cost: The price of refinishing is one of the primary reasons why so many homeowners choose it over replacing their entire floor. In almost every situation, refinishing costs less than replacing does. Even when you hire professionals to handle your hardwood refinishing in Milwaukee, WI, you will generally end up spending less than you would on a do-it-yourself replacement project.
  • Time investment: Replacing a hardwood floor can be an incredibly time-intensive process involving lots of measurements and modifications in order to ensure full coverage and the perfect fit. If you choose to take on the project yourself, you’re looking at an even greater time investment. Having your floors refinished doesn’t take as much time, which means that your floors won’t be out of commission for a prolonged period like they would in the case of replacement.
  • Appearance: If you have a particularly expensive hardwood floor or one that was installed when your home was originally constructed, you might have to consider the aesthetic aspect. In some homes, replacing a unique hardwood floor with something different can throw off the look of a space and might not seem natural. Conversely, if you aren’t a fan of the way your floor currently looks, it makes sense to have it replaced.
  • Age: If you have a relatively new floor that has been damaged, it may be a waste to replace your floor completely. Instead of scrapping your current floor and replacing it altogether, you can have it refinished in order to restore its condition after it has been damaged or worn. Older floors, on the other hand, might be good candidates for replacement if they have become very worn or damaged.
  • Condition: There are some issues that refinishing services simply cannot address. Things like warping and extensive damage should be treated with floor replacement rather than refinishing.

Take advantage of all of the benefits that hardwood refinishing in Milwaukee, WI offers and don’t break the bank on complete hardwood floor replacement unless you need to. If you’re unsure about what you should do with your damaged hardwood floors, SNR First Rate Floors would be more than happy to help you reach the right decision. Our extensive experience restoring and replacing hardwood floors has given us the knowledge that we need to provide our customers with the best services available. For answers to all of your questions, call us today.

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