Should You Install Recycled Hardwood Flooring in Your Home?

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The beauty and timelessness of hardwood flooring holds great appeal for many of today’s homeowners. Hardwood floors are frequently among the most sought-after amenities in real estate listings, and they can do a lot to increase the value of a home.

As sustainable building and remodeling becomes a more prevalent focus in the world of construction, we’re seeing a much more widespread use of recycled hardwood flooring, also known as reclaimed hardwood flooring.

These terms refer to wood floors taken from other buildings, then cleaned and milled to be used again in new projects. They provide the same rich, rustic feel and appearance of hardwood floors while also providing a bit of history and reducing the environmental impact of a building project.

Is recycled hardwood flooring right for your project? Here are just a few examples of some of its benefits:

  • Reduced deforestation: When projects heavily rely on recycled wood versus new wood, this cuts down on the number of trees that have to be removed to allow the project to proceed. Reusing existing materials is always better for the environment than using new ones.
  • Reduced waste in landfills: Using recycled wood prevents that wood from going to landfills, where it will sit and decay rather than being given new life. The methods of rejuvenating reclaimed wood help to extend its life while reducing the need to produce new flooring.
  • Appearance: There’s something to be said for the antique, naturally aged appearance of recycled hardwood flooring. The floor will have a very unique character when you implement used wood versus brand-new wood, the kind of character that can only come with years of use.
  • Durability: Reclaimed wood that is decades old typically came from old growth trees with a tighter grain, which made it denser and more durable than new wood. A lot of the wood produced today has to be harvested from trees that are being grown specifically for wood production, meaning they’re often cut down before they really reach prime wood quality.
  • Lower cost: Recycled wood frequently is cheaper than new wood, especially new wood that has to be milled, marked and stained in a way that makes it look like it’s been aged. When you can get cheaper wood that is more durable, authentic and attractive, this is a big win.

You will generally be able to find recycled hardwood flooring from any major flooring provider, or from specialty buyers of old wood. Reclaimed wood is often found at lumber mills, but some individuals who have recently performed remodeling projects may have old wood they’re willing to get rid of at a reduced price, which will require milling and restoration before being installed.

Interested in using reclaimed hardwood flooring for an upcoming project at your home? Get in touch with our team at SNR First Rate Floors today with any questions you have about the benefits of using recycled wood for your flooring. We look forward to answering any questions you have about your upcoming flooring project.

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