Dust-Free Hardwood Refinishing in Milwaukee, WI

wood flooringIf your hardwood floors are old or showing signs of neglect, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of hardwood refinishing in Milwaukee, WI. Refinishing your flooring—especially if it’s original—can dramatically boost the value of your home and raise the allure of each room it’s in.

At SNR First Rate Floors, we understand the true value of a beautiful hardwood floor, which is why we work with homeowners to refinish their flooring to a sublime degree of perfection. Our team will get all of those dents and gouges out, ensure the flooring is smooth and work to absolve any stains that may have penetrated the topcoat. Our approach is thorough, leaving you with results that are simply pristine.


Quick and Clean

What makes our team a premier choice for hardwood floor refinishing in Milwaukee, WI is our ability to work quickly and effectively, preserving the integrity of your home without compromising on the quality of the job we’re working on.

Choose us for refinishing services that are 99% dust-free! Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that sanding and other refinishing steps are properly contained and that particulates are mitigated. This prevents your home’s airflow from being saturated with dust and allows for quicker cleanup when the job is done.

Don’t forget: our team always respects your home and we strive to leave it in better condition than we found it!


Honest, Professional Service

If you’re looking for a hardworking expert who can restore your wood flooring to a superior level of beauty and resilience, talk to a SNR First Rate Floors professional today. We can be reached at 414-940-0528 and are happy to answer any questions you have about our rates and abilities, and we can provide you with a free estimate based on a quick survey of your flooring.