Wood Floor Resurfacing in Milwaukee, WI

wood deckAs years of wear and tear accumulate, your hardwood floor is going to need a little bit of TLC in the form of hardwood floor resurfacing in Milwaukee, WI. Stripping off the worn topcoat, buffing out any blemishes or stains, and sanding down minor imperfections is a great way to breathe new life into a floor without going the whole nine yards to refinish the entire thing.

For the very best wood floor resurfacing in Milwaukee, WI, SNR First Rate Floors is your first and only choice. We take pride in delivering a level of excellence to our customers that’s simply unmatched, and we go the extra mile to ensure your flooring looks pristine from end to end.



In addition to offering you a complete repertoire of buffing and re-coating services, we’re pleased to provide hardwood floor staining in Milwaukee, WI as well. If you’re looking to match your flooring to your trim or to coordinate with your furniture or built-ins, we can help achieve that look. Our professionals have the ability to match your stain to a high degree of accuracy, which means you’re left with flooring that’s ideally suited for your home.


Unbeatable Prices

With a general cost of 99c per square foot when it comes to refinishing costs, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else in town! Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our seasoned ability to provide superior workmanship couple together to ensure you’re getting the very most for your money.

Whether you’re refinishing a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or your highly trafficked hallways, get in touch with SNR First Rate Floors today to learn more about our refinishing services. We take pride in giving our customers an honest, upfront estimate and we work to ensure the finished product is a true-to-life vision of perfection. Get in touch with us today at 414-940-0528.